Play Nice

Papa has a bad cold, figures. He felt a lot better this morning, but the didn’t sound better. I feel one coming on, and so does GS2. D1 went off to work complaining about a scratchy throat, so I guess we’ll all have some effects. It’s cold again, but the yard is still a little muddy. I want to pick up sticks and rake, it will have to wait till next week, I guess.

Papa went to the store for a minute last night, and D1 and D3 were playing the Wii when he got home. It started with, I wonder if two cows can race?, and ended with bowling. The cow racing was absolutely crazy. One brown cow, one white cow, may trees mowed over or jumped. The bowling game went better, and everyone is ready to go to the real alleys and see if what they have learned will pay off. Papa noted that my girls were playing together, and that doesn’t happen a lot. If all this keeps up Papa will have to watch the news laying on our bed on the other TV.

I picked up my van from the dealership and dropped of Papa’s car yesterday. The car was making a mystery noise when we drove Tuesday, and I don’t like mystery noises. We are driving that car to Kentucky next week, and I don’t want to listen to that noise all the way. Hope it will be back soon, because Papa has my car, and I’ll have to drive the van around today. That’s expensive.

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