Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis

Papa and I had a wonderful time yesterday at our friend Jimmy’s benefit show, Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis.  So wonderful, I took a great nap after we got home this afternoon.

When we arrived I realized there was Internet access from the facility; but social networking sites were blocked.  No, I don’t have a fancy phone, and I can’t text.  But, a quick search, and I found TwitterMail.  I set up an account, and tweeted a few times from the benefit event.  Maybe I’ll get more technologically competent, but don’t bet the rent.  For the record  I can dial my phone, and talk on it;  so I called D1 and asked her to check Twitter to see if my posts were getting there by e-mail.  They were, so I continued.

I spend a lot of the early evening checking the score of the big gameonline casinoMax and Ruth came in when Lonesome County was on stage, and Max said  “That’s Bluegrass!”   The rest of the time, he checked with me on the score. They won on consecutive Saturday nights, both of which I spent watching good bluegrass.  More bluegrass?  Of course.

Anyway, we saw some wonderful bands present great music for a good cause. The end of the evening, found  Detour Bluegrass taking the stage. I’ve known Jeff Rose for more years than I care to admit, and we watched Zak Bunce grow up playing with his family band, Lake Effect.  The other band members are also top-notch Michigan musicians.

I dragged myself out of bed a couple of hours ago, and checked on the results of some of the video.  That which we took from the back of the auditorium is pretty good, but this one Papa took backstage is my favorite.  I happened because Papa had asked Red to play the Old Spinning Wheel on stage, and the band ran out of time.  They told Papa to get the camera, bring it backstage and film, and he did.

Red Martin really did come from Alabama with a banjo on his knee, and has been around Michigan for more than a few years.  Here he teams up with Ralph Paige, (think Paige Capos) and R.J. Thomas.  Without wasting any more words, here are some of our favorite campground pickers, playing one we like to hear Red play.

I could listen to that all day. I just might do it.  There is snow in the forcast, a perfect storm.  The economic conditions in Michigan are abysmal, it is pretty bad around here.  So, Hell is freezing over, and Michigan State will play for a championship tomorrow.  No wonder 6 or more inches of snow is forecast.

Have a good evening!

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