Perrysburg, Ohio Festival

We’re home again.  Papa and I had a smooth ride home from Perrysburg, Ohio Sunday morning.  The weather forecasts weren’t pretty and even though the ride home was short, we were concerned.  When we reached the State line, radio reported that I-75 had been reopened at the Rouge River Bridge.  We just looked at each other and Papa kept driving.  Really, we had no problems, saw no cars in the ditch, and no ice.  I guess our timing was good.

We enjoyed the show put on by Larry Efaw in Perrysburg.  Attendance was pretty good, it looked a little higher than in the past couple of years.  A nice tribute was done on Saturday evening in honor of the original promoter of the show, the late Bob White.

Bob’s daughters and some of his grandchildren were in attendance.   Bob’s daughters and some of her grandchildren were in attendance.  The family gave attendees a folder with Bob’s photograph and some remembrances in it; and a selection of tapes, cd’s and/or records(!) that Bob made over the years.  We got a LP!

D1 and GS2 arrived home without incident on Monday.  GS1 is installed for his next training at Great Lakes Navel Training Center.  They had a good visit, and enjoyed the proceedings at his graduation from basic training. Granny had to go to the doctor Monday.  My cold/sinus infection/curd is not gone yet.  Added medication, great.

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