One Agreement

In my internet conversations and explorations I’ve come in contact with a variety of people, many of whom I might not otherwise have been aware of.  One is a blogger/commentator by the name of Brendan Skwire.  Now, I must say that I am not a political animal, and I have little interest in politics.  I rarely express my political views in as public a forum as the internet. 

Well, OK, for those who are keeping score: I created and I maintain a web site for a environmental organization.  Papa and I are members, and we believe that we are only caretakers of our world.  That is, we owe it to our children and grandchildren to act responsibly toward our planet. 

Back to Brendan-.  I have read some of what he has written, but find it too, well, I don’t even know “too what”.  I may or may not agree with any given topic, but I’m just not real comfortable with such “in-your-face” writing, I guess.  Whatever my comfort level with him, he posted a gem yesterday regarding the passing of another person with whom I had only cyber-acquaintance, Mike O’Ferrall.  

Brendan has this one right, Mike was a gentleman, and, as I posted on the list serv mentioned: ” I am sad: the list, bluegrass music and the world is less for his passing, but more for his trip through this world.”

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