On the Road Again?

Daughter Two is moving. This is because of the new job, which is a world away from her current home. Two needs to be in the new city with her family ready to go to work in late August. She has a house to clean out, needs to pack up, and has three small children at home; and her husband is gone on a 2 week assignment.

I’d probably kill myself, but she is having a garage sale, this Saturday. Remember, she received the job offer 10 days ago! This is really a good change for her and her family.

To do my little part, I’m going to drive up today and retrieve my granddaughters. Today, not when the stars come out. Grandson Three is going to a day camp and isn’t retrievable.

Daughter Two is heading up north on Friday after work to assist with the garage sale. I think she might have the easier job, but mine is more fun!

Speaking of “up North”, I just looked it up and found that Wikipedia says I mean the upper peninsula of Michigan. I don’t. Everyone in the Detroit Metro area goes “up North” on vacation and they can mean anything north of M-46–or perhaps north of Oakland County. Check a map if you care. I read a newspaper article after I moved here (from up North) that talked about the “up north” phenomenon. It said that some Detroit-area elementary school children thought “up North” was the name of the place they went, as in a city name. Really, it’s just a concept. It means rural, quiet, no job, vacation, fun, lakes, summer, skiing, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately, to some people it means hick, dumb, dull and so on.

Since I was born in one of those little towns, and lived there for 40 years, I get easily insulted when the Mufia (yes we have them in the Detroit suburbs too) talk about it.

But, what matters is that daughter Two will get as much help and support as we can give and I get to have 2 cute little girls visit for the rest of the week.

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