Now what?

The year is almost over.  Papa is working his last day of the year today.  We will be heading down to Jekyll Island on the 26th,for the Adams and Anderson bluegrass show.  We kind of take it easy going down, but we should be there in time for a walk on the beach on Wednesday, the 27th.  We’ll be driving home on the 31st and 1st. We enjoy going to Jekyll Island and the festival each year.

We already had our “Christmas” with our children, grandchildren and my Mom and step-dad.  We’ll have family gatherings on the other site Christmas Eve and Christmas afternoon.  There’s no snow to shovel, there are no gifts to buy, and it’s too late to send cards to the address list Papa brought home from work.  Most of them already got one, but a few have moved and theirs were returned.

I’m going to get some pictures printed.  When we saw the Lewis Family at Pigeon Forge a couple of weeks ago, Janis said they didn’t have even one photograph of the Hall of Honor presentation at the IBMA awards!  We have a few, not to close up, but at least something to remember that great occasion by.  There are quite a few of our photographs on the Lewis Family site.  We’ll take a set for each family (Janis and Earl, Polly and Leon, Roy and Bonnie, Lewis and Laney, Scot and Heather, and Miggie).

I’m going to clean the house (again) and wash (again).  Those are the things that never get done. I’m going to take Gs2 over to my Mom’s to hook up the VCR/DVD combination we got for the for Christmas.  I’ve got some work to do, and I’ll probably leave that till later.  Off to the races!

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