Not So Wordless Wednesday

I know this isn’t my Genealogy blog, but this isn’t exactly a genealogy post. I became acquainted with Wordless Wednesday as a geneablogger, but Wordless Wednesday is used by other bloggers as well. S-Dad passed on a book of photos that Mom had saved for me, or for herself, or whatever. There aren’t a lot, but they were interesting to me, since I didn’t grow up with photo books around. I actually don’t remember seeing many of them previously. I scanned all 134 at Scanfest last Sunday.

In order to bore you completely, I grew up in small town America, our version was Cadillac, Michigan. My father was an undertaker, and I do have the book by that title, which was not written about my father, but which does seem very familiar to me.

So, my Not so wordless Wednesday post does include a few photos, and you know the background. These are baby Pam. I never saw them before S-Dad gave me the book. The condition wasn’t too good, but you can see them, and see the me I was then.

I always liked cats, now I see why. The pic says I was 3 1/2 months, and the cat was 1 year. This was a very big cat, very big. I was also small, I weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces at birth, but I was quite sick, and entered kindergarten weighing 36 pounds and 36 inches tall. That’s a small kindergartner.

pam 3

This one says six months. Think they had some food????

pam 6 mo

This one says nine months. A little more hair.

pam 9 mo

End of words, and pictures for this Wednesday.

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