Not a Good Start to the Day

So GS2 got up late this morning and missed the bus.  I threw on my coat, grabbed my grocery list and headed for the school.  I’ve got to say, it is a real mess in the drop off/pick up area there.  It was early, dark, and all the teens were half asleep.  For at least a quarter mile both ways up and down the street cars were lined up waiting to go through a circle drive constructed a year or so ago; that drive is the only place you are supposed to deposit or pick up your kids.  Kids were jumping out and walking through traffic all up and down the street.  Did I say it was dark?  I know nothing is safe, but this is a big mess. 

I believe the new drive was constructed to keep 1000 sets of parents from dropping off their kids where the empty buses need to circle to drop off the few kids on them.  Most kids either drive themselves, or get a ride from parents.  If some kid is hit over there on that street, it won’t be on school property and the school is safe.  More protection for the school than the kids, that’s for sure.

On to the store, where I paid SEVENTY-TWO cents for a little round box of salt that used to be 10 or 15 cents just a year or so ago.  That’s why I have to go to several more stores to complete my shopping.  Prices.

Now, since I haven’t been gouged enough, and I am not yet completely annoyed,  I’m off the a few more stores to make myself miserable.

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