Nice Weekend

We left Saturday morning, and drove to Fremont, Michigan.  Oh, wait, not before we went to the estate sale next door.  I didn’t think I could bear to do it, and when we were ready to leave, I didn’t think I could stand not to.  So we went.  These things remind me of a song Bo Kazy used to sing when he lived around here,  ‘Yard Sale”:

…Well, I wonder what you’d say if you could see The way they’re sortin’ through what’s left of you and me

— The writers of that tear-jerker:  Dewayne Blackwell and Larry Bastian

So, we ran through the sale, and I didn’t cry, but I did today.  We were looking at some old 78’s and the second one I picked up was a King record, “Using my bible for a roadmap”, Reno and Smiley.  We bought the whole pile, and really, looking at it today, the one would have been enough.  That was the lone, old early bluegrass disc in the bunch.  The rest are big band, dance and square dance tunes.  But the problem is, even though I have the record, and even though I went to the funeral, and even though I know time passes, I can’t have the past back, and I don’t like that today. 

We were almost late the the benefit show we attended all day Saturday.  We had a fine time, saw some great music, and stayed near Muskegon that night.  On Sunday, we drove around and around, finally stopping at an antique shop on the north side of Lansing.  I bought 1 item for $2, so I was a cheap date.  We ate lunch, and were home late. 

GS2 went out to a meeting of sorts, to watch his team’s first playoff opponent is.  There was a kind of cute selection show on the TV, and all the teams and match-ups were announced.  It was interesting to hear the sportscasters  mispronounce the names of so many cities and towns.  I mean, really, how can you goof up “Huron” ?  Anyway, it’s Detroit Henry Ford.  I’ve never seen that team play, so it’s all new.  A home game, so at least I know where to go.

I put away the stuff from the car, started cleaning, and some friends rang the door bell.  So now, today, I want to finish the vacuuming and one attachment (the one I need) for the vacuum is missing.  Not a good Monday.  I’m sure I’ll find it by tomorrow…..

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