New Pictures

Papa has been taking a lot of photos lately, and I’ve not done too well at posting them for the world to see.  We recently attended a wonderful festival hosted by Joe Mullins, the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival.  The photographs of the bands onstage are posted here.  Rhonda Vincent, Bobby Osborne, The Hart brothers, David Parmley and Continental Divide and a bunch more performed that weekend.

Speaking of David Parmley and Continental Divide, they have a great new CD out, titled Church House Hymns.  We got our copy at the above mentioned event, and listened to it on the way home.  I’ve played it quite a bit since.  It’s a good one, check it out.

We’re looking forward to more fun this weekend.  Our friends Tony and Aubrey Holt, and their band AKA The Wildwood Valley Boys, will be playing at the Kentuckians of Michigan.  Then, on Saturday, we’ll get an opportunity to spend time with our three youngest grandchildren, at Go Diego, Go Live, Fox Theater, Detroit.  These occasions have noise, fun, noise, food, noise, and so on.  We recently experienced Sesame Street, so this is round two for this spring.  Can’t wait!

If energy remains, Mike, John, Dannie and Jeff are playing at the Huron Valley Eagles on Saturday.  A big weekend for sure.

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