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Joining on a Meme that Craig started, he says: “…List the surnames you are researching and the general localities. Then tell the names of your “Most Wanted Ancestors,” that is, the ones you most want to find behind that brickwall. (You can tag people if you want; I’ve chosen not to do that here so that all readers are included). Let’s see your lists; maybe we can each help someone out!”

Well, this Meme is old, and I’ve had the draft sitting around for a while. I believe it is a good idea, but I’ll just do one brickwall ancestor right now. What I know about this individual is listed here.

My great-grandfather, Charles YOURND was born, according to a date I calculated from his death record, in February, 1844 in “Germany”. According to his obituary, it’s 22 Feb 1840. which also says, he “…came with his wife to America in 1870 , coming directly to Howell [Livingston County, Michigan], where he has lived ever since.”

Charles YOUND purchased land in Ingham County Michigan, and Howell Livingston County, Michigan in 1876. He disposed of his Ingham property almost immediately, but the Howell property was owned by the family after his death as disposed of then.

Charles’s wife was Lena, “Detman” according to her death record. The couple had six children, Frederick, 1872-1959 married, had two daughters; Augusta, 1874-1944, never married; Frank, 1875-1941, married, divorced and remarried, 1 daughter; Lizzie, 1878-1890; Caroline “Carrie” 1882-1958, who married J.C. Collins, one daughter, and my grandfather William H., 1883-1948, five children. All of Charles and Lena’s children claim US birth, making an immigration date 1869-1872 likely.

In 1880, the family appears on the census of Howell, Livingston County, Michigan: EWEN, Charlie, age 32 [making birth 1847-1848], day laborer, born Germany; Lena, 26, day labor, born Germany, Freddie, at school, 8; Augusta, 6, at school, Frankie, 4; Lizzie, 1. Birthplace of all children is given as Michigan, and of their parents, Germany.

On November 20, 1890 the Livingston County Republican, Howell, Michigan reported:
To the Great Beyond.
Lizzie, aged 12 years, daughter of Chas YUENS, died Wednesday morning of diphtheria. It is reported that a younger brother is sick with the same disease. Lizzie “YOURND ” is buried in the family plot, lot 73, Lakeview Cemetery, Howell, Michigan.

In 1900 the family is still in Howell, Chas Yournd, born Feb 1845, 55, married for 30 years, born Germany, as were both parents, immigrated 1860, in the US 40 years, naturalized, a laborer at the condensed milk factory. Lena, born 1852, 47, married 30, mother of 6, 5 living, German birth for herself and parents. Agusta, born 1874, 25, single, saleslady; Carrie, 18, single, solderer condensed milk factory; Yournd Willie, born 1885, 14, at school. Frank, his wife Celia, his mother-in-law and sister-in-law resided next door.

In 1910 Charles and Lena are still in Howell, YOURND, Charles, 66 [making his birth 1843-44], married for 38 years, German birth, immigrated 1870 labour odd jobs. the answers for Lena are consistent with previous census, 5 of 6 children are still living.

On 19 July 1911 the Livingston Republican reported:

Killed This Afternoon
Charles Yournd and Henry Stephenson Caught by Cave In

At about two o’clock this afternoon, Charles Yournd was killed and Henry Stephenson was badly crushed by a cave in of a sewer ditch near the Peer Marquette depot where they were at work. The ditch at this point, near the J.L. Pettibone residence is nearly 10 feet deep but the walls appeared to be firm and the men were working without curbing the ditch. Without warning, one bank gave way, burying Charles Yournd entirely and leaving only the head of Stephenson uncovered. Chloroform had to be administered to the later before he could be extricated. He is a serious condition. His unfortunate fellow worker had not been rescued as we go to press. He was undoubtedly killed outright.

Then, again in the Livingston Republican on 26 July 1911


Charles Yournd Killed-Henry Stephenson Fatally Injured by the Fleming Street Sewer Cave in.

As briefly announced in last week’s issue, Charles Yournd and Henry Stephenson were caught by a sudden cave in while at work in the sewer ditch at the junction of Brooks and Fleming streets, last Wednesday afternoon, and two lives sacrificed upon the alter of carelessness. The body of Mr. Yournd was uncovered a quickly as possible but there was no sign of life and he was probably killed instantly. Henry Stephenson was nearly crushed with the immense weight of the dirt which left only his head uncovered and he was unconscious when finally rescued. An examination showed that he was in a very serious state and his recovery was unlooked for. In spite of all that human skill could do, he quietly passed away Friday.

Charles Yournd was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, Feb 22, 1940, and came with his wife to America in 1870, coming directly to Howell, where they have lived ever since. For many years Mr. Yournd was employed at the milk factory where he was one of the best liked workman: Faithful, honest and reliable, and always ready with a good-natured joke. He was one of the old guard at the factory, of them there are but two or three left. The funeral was held at the family residence, Friday and a large attendance gave proof of the high esteem in which the deceased was held by his friends and neighbors and of the sympathy felt for his bereaved wife and children. Rev C.A. Wilkie conducted the service. The children of the deceased are Frederick, of Lansing, Frank of Carlton; William of Cadillac, Augusta, of Lansing and Caroline Collins of Fowlerville. The bereaved widow will probably make her home with one of them.

Charles’ estate was settled in probate court, Livingston County. The estate was probated under the name of YEARND, the spelling used by William, an attorney in Cadillac, Michigan. Each child signed [with the exception of Carrie Collins] “YEARND”, as did the spouses signing off dower rights on a deed in favor of Lena YEARND, widow. Charles and Lena YOURND are buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Howell with their daughters Lizzie and Augusta.

So, Charles YOUND/EWEN/YUENS/YOURND/YEARND was born between 1840 and 1848, but most likely 1844-1845, probably in Germany. He came to the US, between 1860 and 1872, but most likely 1869-1871. I cannot find the family on the 1870 census, nor can I find an arrival or passenger record for Charles and Lena.

I think it would help to have a better idea what the German spelling or pronunciation of the name was, but I don’t have that.

I was told by one relative that the name was “YOURNDT“, certainly a German ending. There are a couple of families, one in Ann Arbor and one in Wisconsin on various censuses with names like Yearnd and Yournd. There was an Elizabeth Jonett who died in Livingston County before the arrival of my family.

Soooo, if you know my guy, or have found his bible, or a photo with his name, or his name on a record I haven’t mentioned here, please contact me right away !

If you can look into his eyes and find out something I haven’t, please let me know, also.

Charles Yournd

Charles Yournd Lakeview Cem Howell mi

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