Mount Carmel Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan – Lot E-3

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This cemetery is just inside the city limits on the south. It is on the west side of U.S. 131 (also Mitchell Street) as you enter the town.

This is one of two cemeteries that a cousin and I visited in 2002. She is a Long descendent, and some of these graves are people who are unrelated to “my” family; they are probably related to her.

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Clyde Conway Caulkins, 1888-1905. Clyde was the son of Marie Conway Caulkins. Maria was a sister Delia Conway Kaiser, my 2nd great-grandfather’s second wife.

Maria Conway Caulkins, 1860-1937. Maria was Clyde’s mother, and a sister of Delia Conway Kaiser.


Delia Conway Kaiser, 1862-1930. She married William Kaiser on 27 November 1889 and was my grandmother’s step-mother.
delia conway kaiser mtcarmel

Austin William Kaiser, 1896-1920, was the son of Delia and William Kaiser, a half-sibling of my grandmother, Winnie A. Kaiser Yearnd.
austin w kaiser mtcarmel


Elizabeth Long Kaiser’s name is listed on the lot card, with a question mark after it, as if she might be buried on this lot. St. Ann Church also maintains an log of all funerals conducted. On page 13, of the book marked, “Record of Interments”, line one says: Date of death & Burial: 7/19/1921 – 7/21/1921; Names of Persons Interred: Elizabeth Kaiser; Place of Birth: Alsace, France; Age: 85 yrs; Disease: Old Age; Priest: E. A. Lef??ne; Cemetery: City; Remarks: column blank. Although Elizabeth remained faithful to her Catholic religion throughout her life, it appears that she was buried with her husband in Maple Hill Cemetery where I found her marker.

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