Morning Glorious

This spring, we dug out some older climbing roses and planted Morning Glories in their place. GD2 was here when I set out the plants. They weren’t doing to well, so I bought some seeds, soaked them, and added them to the ground.

On June 11, when I took this picture, the were very small and green, you can just seem them at the bottom of the arbor.


On July 7th, you can see they were climbing up, but not well, I strung twine all around, hoping to give them somewhere to go.


It worked. On August 8th, I could hardly walk through.


On August 27th, Papa had to install a tether, the hold darn works was about to tip onto the patio!


I wish everyone could get up in the morning at see these:


Amazing results considering it was just an experiment.

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