Morning Glorious

I know your remember my arbor, I cut down and dug out the roses and planted Morning Glories this year. On July 8, they were started up. You can see the twine I added to give they somewhere to climb.

mg 7 8

On August 15, the thing was ready to take over the world. We couldn’t walk through any more.

mg 8 15

Just before Papa’s birthday, things were getting out of hand, and the arbor was threatening to fall, so Papa did what only Papa can do.

mg-8 27

Then came the remnaments of hurricane Ike. On he entire thing tipped onto the grass. We just flipped it over on to the sidewalk, and it remained there, blooming happily for another month.

mg 9 18

mg 9 18-2

When the frost finally killed it, we dumped it on the compost, and put the poor arbor in the recycling bin, piece by piece. Papa is going to build a new arbor, and he’s insisting on more of Morning Glories next year.

I’m not sure….


    • Apple on December 4, 2008 at 8:54 am

    Wow! I love morning glories. Sadly mine met the same fate and is a twisted mess currently being covered by snow. I agree with Papa. I will have them again next year but I will continue to buy cheap “wedding” arbors from the craft store as I know the lake winds will blow through again.

    • on December 4, 2008 at 9:20 am

    Well he’s supposed to build a wooden one, we’ll see. I missed the roses, but not the thorns. And the roses had flowers earlier. But, I’m not likely to dig around a plant more, especially when a packet of seed is cheap and nice rose bushes are not.

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