More on the Deer

Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes, and commented on my hunting trip.

I do have a couple more comments (of course).

S-dad came to help us, and we had quite a morning yesterday, while Papa cut, S-Dad cut or washed, and I wrapped. We cubed on a lot of the steak, and ground up a bunch of burger. I cooked the bones, and we’ll take the tallow off it tonight and Papa is going to use the meat for soup for his lunches.

Here’s the kitchen crew:

d 001

Look at that spiffy apron S-Dad has. You can bet that Papa and I would rather wash our shirts, or are too lazy to get an apron out, or whatever. I had a hard time getting anyone to look at the camera, but finally S-Dad did.

d 003

Papa did not.

We fried up some of the steak for lunch, and it was pretty darn good.

So, that’s all on the deer and my car.

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