More Garden Pics

Here are how my peonies this spring, on May thirtieth.


Remember when I was talking about a new flower bed. Well, improved, anyway. It is right there, in front of the peonies. I must have been tired or disgusted, check out where I left the shovel!

Here is another view of the bed, from the other side. This is the South side of our little palace. You can see that the peonies bloom earlier at the east end. The big secret? The clothes dryer vents there, and warms them up earlier. No, really.


Next spring, there will be daffodils and tulips toward the front of this bed. I’m scouting around in M-in-L’s yard for plants to steal acquire, and I will set them this fall between the peonies and the bulbs. It will cost less to drive up and make the acquisition than to actually buy the plants.

I’m also moving my daises over to this side of the house, it will be their third home here in eighteen years.

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