Monday Morning – What Now?

The garage sale was interesting, to say the least.  Hard to believe that someone would change a price tag on a fifty cent item.  We just sold him what he wanted at the price he wanted to pay, and he promised to return (of course).  When he returned yesterday, we had Papa deal with him.  D3 said she and Papa just stared at him the whole time he was here, and he left quickly.  Figures.

On a happier note, Papa and I saw some a couple of good shows over the weekend.  First, at the Auburn Hills Parade of Stars, we enjoyed the music of Larry Stephenson, the Infamous Stringdusters, Special C , the Austin Lounge Lizards and the Cats and the Fiddler.  Then we hurried down to the Kentuckians of Michigan to see the Bo Isaac Band.  Papa’s pictures are already posted, since Granny has been working so hard!

We enjoyed see Dreama Stephenson again; just a couple of weeks ago Larry played at the Wheel Inn Campground for the Leslie Bluegrass Festival.

GS2’s football team played Friday evening, and the result wasn’t what we’d hoped for.  I’ll bet football practice won’t be a lot of fun this week.

What now?  Clean, mow, garbage, dinner, and a redesign for a website.  No free time today!

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