Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
 -John Phillips

Monday has been and is a profound topic, in my experience.  When I was in school, Monday didn’t have the appeal of Thursday or Friday.  Same thing at work.  Sometimes I wonder why being sad on Monday is such a big deal.  I guess it’s the symbol.  Monday represents the start of a scheduled period for the work world, at least as we used to know it.  The fun and relaxation of the weekend give way to the reality of the problems left on one’s desk on Friday.  And so on…

Speaking of fun and relaxation, Papa and I saw Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top X-Press at the Huron Valley Eagles on Saturday night.  Bobby did a couple of great sets.  It was a treat to see him without his hat.  That is unusual and he was asked so many times about it that he felt obliged to explain how he had put in in his car and forgotten it. 

We also saw a lot of friends and acquaintances from around the Detroit area.  In the crowd, Pete Goble, Wendy Smith, Mike and Monica Adams, the Mitch Manns family, Andy Ball and more. It was nice to see Ben Luttermoser on bass with Roy Cobb.  Granny happens to like Ben’s bass playing.  Hear why, or learn something about my diverse musical taste, on the Mountaintop Trio MySpace.  At least listen to the 3rd tune, Minor Swing.  Also had an opportunity to visit for a minute with Matt DeSpain, hoss of the resonator guitar.  He plays ‘em, and he made the one he plays.  Papa took a few photos, you can see them on his site.

To finish the thought, back to the real world, on Monday, some work, less play!

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