Missing spoons

It’s been clear to me for a while that I am missing some spoons.  The pile in the drawer in really small.  I’ve complained, asked everyone to return the missing spoons, and whined like a champ, to no avail.  I just counted, and there are 36 knives, and only 23 spoons.  23?  I’m no math wiz, but that means that 13 spoons are missing.  13?

Now some of you might wonder what why this is so important.  I wonder about that too.  Although I’m not a child of the depression, I was raised by some.  Many of my friends are, or have been older than I and, they, along with older in-laws and outlaws have heavily influenced my thinking.  Perhaps that’s it.  Or perhaps, the fact that I really never had a good set of flatware until a few years ago is the reason.

My mother-in-law bought me a set of some nice Oneida.  When this arrived, I put all my old, unmatched, dime store stainless in an ice cream bucket in the basement, and 4 place settings in our camper.  I subsequently purchased more of the same pattern, and I have sure enjoyed having matching flatware on the table.

So, I did a search on the wonderful, reliable internet.  The pattern is discontinued, go figure. The only teaspoons I can find in my pattern are sold one at a time, for $2 to $5 each!  They are $4.99 from Oneida.

I’ll have to think about this.  Perhaps I’ll go back to whining.

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