Merry Christmas, in Spite of the Warm Weather

D3 is off to work, Papa is driving her today.  She is plenty old enough to drive herself, but her place of employment is 10 miles in the direction we’re doing after she finished work.  It makes sense for us to pick her up on the way.  And, she won’t have a car sitting in the lot there till we get home later.

It’s supposed to be fifty (50!)degrees today.  I that’s too warm for Christmas, even in Detroit.  In the 80’s sometime, we had a Christmas day when it was quite warm, so warm we all went outside and had our picture taken.  I think Papa took the picture, but not sure.  Whenever I find it I’ll post it.

I hope it will be a tad cooler tomorrow, but there isn’t really any hope for snow.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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