McDonalds Again?

I guess if this place wasn’t so close to the place we’re staying, I wouldn’t come here so much.  No–that’s not right.  If this place wasn’t so close, and didn’t have internet I wouldn’t come here so much.

I was going to head for the local library, but a reality check revealed that the library here isn’t open on Friday evening.  Our hometown one isn’t either.  I guess I’m usually not looking for a library on a weekend.  Usually, especially in the summer, Papa and I are looking for some music.  We might be at the Kentuckians of Michigan in the winter, and in the summer, some festival, park, or other place with music.

It cooled off here in Saginaw, so Granny has cooled off some, too.  The kids are doing better than I am, but isn’t that the way.  We did a really cool thing today, we went for a boat ride.  There were a couple of draw bridges we went under, but to me, the most interesting features we saw were the two swinging bridges.  A train was crossing one, so we saw it open and close.  Very cool, and reminded me of the old song sung by Dan Paisley, “The Old Swinging Bridge”. 

Now, I’m going to as the rhetorical question that GD2 always asks,”Is that enough? (Too much?)”. 

Now, I’ll answer, “Yes, too many links!”

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