Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan – Block O Lot 344

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Maple Hill is a larger city cemetery, located on the south side of Cadillac, Michigan. I have collected a number of photographs from this cemetery and will post my photographs by lot number.

The cemetery record printout shows a purchased date of 12 July 1894 for this lot. Since the first person buried here died on 27 September 1893 I wonder how the purchased dates were recorded, or how they were later keyed into the database that produced the printout.

The lot was owned by Hannah or Robert J. Smelser, it depends on which burial record you consult.

Robert J. and Hannah E. Smelser

Rae E. and Roberta S. (Smelser) Johnston

Rae Johnston was the only child of James and Elizabeth (Kaiser) Johnston who survived to adulthood. He was my first cousin, twice removed. The Smelser’s were his wife’s parents.

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