Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan – Block B Lot 10

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Maple Hill is a larger city cemetery, located on the south side of Cadillac, Michigan. I have collected a number of photographs from this cemetery and will post my photographs by lot number.

Lot 10, Block B was purchased by William Garvin on 5 March 1883 according to the printout I consulted at the Cadillac Library. Interestingly, there is no record of a burial of William in this cemetery.

Here is an overview of the lot as it looked when I visited in 2002.
garvin overview maple hill

There are four markers on lot. Two larger matching ones are John and Mary Ann. The tall thin one, which is leaning forward is Anna. The tipped on that is nearly illegible is Inez.

Anna Garvin, died 29 January 1883, daughter of William Garvin and Ann ? was born 25 October 1856. She was a sister of John Garven, also buried here.

John Garvin, b ca 1853-1854, died 9 May 1904. A sibling of Ann listed above, and husband of Mary Ann, listed below.

Mary Ann Kaiser Garvin, John’s wife. Mary Ann Was born 14 March 1860 in Vaughan Township, York County, Ontario, Canada and died 29 December 1939 in Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan. Mary Ann was my great-grand aunt.

Inez Garvin, born perhaps in July 1891 died 15 Feb 1892. She was a child of Mary ann and John.

The cemetery printout list burial for Row W. Garvin, 1885-1950 on this lot, but there is no marker. There is also a record in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Cadillac, Michigan: Plot x-2, birth 1885 plot owner Mrs. Sarah J. Garvin, Death 1950. There are markers in Mt. Carmel for Roy and Sadie Garvin.

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