Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan – Block 18 Lot 22

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Maple Hill is a larger city cemetery, located on the south side of Cadillac, Michigan. I have collected a number of photographs from this cemetery and will post my photographs by lot number.

The Lamb family’s lot is close to those of my grandparents and father, so I often see their graves when I am at the cemetery. In the course of my research, I found that one of the Lambs was married to one of my cousins, specifically, a second cousin, once removed. Not a close relationship, and I don’t remember meeting the lady, although I may have when I was very young.


Fred S. Lamb was born, according to his marriage record, in St. Johns, Michigan in 1862. He immediately preceded my grandfather as probate judge in Wexford County, and I was fascinated by the scales of justice on his footstone when I first saw it.

Delia J. (Cook) Lamb, 1862-1956, wife of Fred.

Fred H. Lamb, 1905-1988, a son of Fred S.

Ruth E Lamb, 1903-1970, wife of Fred H.

Morris S. Lamb, 1900-1983. Morris was another son of Fred S. and Delia J. Morris and my family belonged to the same church, First Congregational. He was there nearly every Sunday, and I saw him often. His wife, Mary Cecelia Long, 1904-1988, was the cousin I mentioned. She is buried in Mt. Carmel, the Catholic cemetery across the street.

Althea D. (Lamb) Olsson, 1898-1987, was the oldest child of Fred S. and Delia. She was another faithful member of First Congregational, and often sat in the same pew with her brother, Morris. I remember being slightly surprised when she mentioned “my brother”, and I realized the two were siblings.

James L. Olsson, 1889-1959, Althea’s husband. I don’t remember him at all, I would have been eight when he died.

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