Looking Back

I was just cleaning the food off my floor, and thinking of the past years.  Strange, huh?  GS1, his mother, and his brother came to live here about 11 years ago.  He was thin, cute and smart.  (Grandma’s talking.)  We watched him play football and do some other activities.  I did a lot of wash, and cooked a lot of glop in a big pot.  He grew too tall to measure on our special spot on the wall.  He graduated last year, and he entered the Navy on November 8th.  We’ve been missing him around here, a lot.  I was just looking around to make sure I had all the articles that mentioned him in my file, and I found this article from the Daily Tribune.  GS1 is the one who got the purple heart award. We’re very proud of this young man, very proud.

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