Listen Up

We saw some good music over the weekend.  Saturday was the 12th annual Auburn Hills Parade of Stars.  We enjoyed each of the bands.  It was nice to see Pine Mountain Railroad in Michigan.  The last time we saw them in Michigan was the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival in June.  Hardline Drive, The Cats and the Fiddler,  SpecialC, and Cherryholmes made up the balance of the line-up.  It was a good show, and a beautiful day.

Sunday afternoon, Cody Shuler and Pine Mountain Railroad played two good sets at the Kentuckians of Michigan, Romulus, MI.  We enjoyed that show too.

It sure was nice to spend so much of the weekend just sitting and listening.

Now, for the lecture, if  you are planning to attend a bluegrass show, do youself and everyone else a favor:

  1. Leave the cowboy hat and boots at home.  If you just can’t do that, don’t wear them with short shorts.  And take off the hat during the show so the guy behind you can see.  Most of the guys and girls wear caps or visors.
  2. No spoons.  No clapping without an invitation from stage.  If you dance, try to keep up to the beat of the band, please.  And please don’t dance on the gospel numbers, please.
  3. Do Not Talk while the band is performing.  It’s not a bar, it’s a concert, and some of the crowd want to hear the show.  You can talk quietly off to the side, or in the back.

Thank you on behalf of bluegrass fans everywhere.

Papa’s pictures are here.

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