List Revisited

You may remember the list.  This morning, after viewing the damages made by one cat spilling one glass of water on my desk, I decided review of the lists was necessary.

List one, to do:

Map to Beanfor the Goins benefit.

Family tree chart for the reunion (done yesterday, thanks to D3 helping me.

Genealogical Society Financial Reports (Needed next Wednesday, back burner).

Genealogy look-up for a cousin of Papa’s (next week for sure!)

John’s check (to pay for an item we took off his hands) (take to reunion with chart, see above)

Pay taxes on house (without penalty until Sept 3rd.)

Letter to Mom’s cousin, explaining why I didn’t contact him when Mom died, but did contact another cousin, and thanking him for his sympathy card.

Letter to Mom’s cousin, thanking her for the sympathy card, and also for letting the other cousin know abut Mom’s death.

Pay a hospital lab bill by calling them and giving CC number.

Write proposals for 2 prospective customers for my small but growing web design/hosting business.

Send a set of photographs to the owner of the campground where a recent event, that Papa photographed was held

Pack Van to take kids to D2, and to camp at Bean Blossom for the Goins benefit.

Credit union, deposit checks, get cash

Send check for Lex’s registration (after drying off the paperwork, which the cat spilled the water on)

List 2, to buy:

Bag Balm (I gave mine to D2 for GD 3’s problems)

Dill pickle siices (can’t eat burgers without, I guess) but we have.

Syrup (opened last one with last night’s pancakes)

List 3, The  “Taking 3 grandchildren home (don’t forget these) list”:

dresses and good shirts, hanging in side room

big bag of videos

GD1’s medicine

Toothbrushes and GS3’s medicine from bathroom

Phone for D2 to use

List 4, the going camping in the van for one night, pack it list

Thing for windshield is in Lex, get it.



Our medicine

Papa’s camera

Cooler with some sandwich stuff

Clothes (from table, can’t miss)

Clothes, from side room, (can’t miss)

Map (remember to make it, and take atlas)

Papa’s camera (this one is in the van already)

Air mattress


Bathroom bag


Umbrellas and rain ponchos

Besides this modest list, I need to get 3 kids up, fed and dresses, take GS 3 to the Zoo (leaving at 8:20 and arriving before 9:00 a.m.) for day camp, be at the dentist at 10:15 for fillings, pick GS3 up at 4 p.m., and continue on to pick up Papa at work so we can:

Return children

Drive to Southern Indiana for the Goins benefit.

So, either there is too much to do, or writing it all down makes it seem bigger.  On the plus side, I’ve had a shower, and taken MY medicine, perhaps that will help!

See you all later!

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