List — or Lists?

Last night, as the troops were helping me with the dishes, I said that something needed to be put on the list.  A family member said, “You’re always putting something on a list”.  That was a correct statement.

When I worked, I kept complicated project plans, with date assumptions, and other frightening things.  Now that I don’t have a job, I’m happy if I get to the store with a list that somewhat resembles things we need.  And, as soon as I  get home  I start a new list, since I am always reaching for something I don’t have.

There is a grocery, or “shopping” list, a to do list for some small contract work I do, a calendar telling me when to be where, and a big pile of notes I’ve written to myself so I won’t forget some little thing. 

So, why isn’t anything done?  And why don’t I have any ….. the list is to long to list.  Or something.

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