Like Father, Like Son

All the Grandmas like to see things like this:

This is one of Larry and Lisa Efaw’s grandsons.  I understand the little guys received little guitars and fiddles at Christmas.  This one loves to be on stage.  Emcee Charlie  Patton made sure this one was out front were we could all get a good look.  He was sawin’ on that little fiddle before they came on.  He kept it right up, never stopping until his Mom lured him to the side of the stage and grabbed him.

Take a close look here, to see why playing that fiddle is important to that little boy:

Playing the bass, you can see that boy’s Daddy, playing the mandolin, his uncle Stanley.  Stanley was a small, cute, blond, but formidable presence on stage just a few years ago.  At the mic, on guitar is grandpa Larry himself, and great-grandpa Ed Efaw is at the end on the other guitar. 

It’s a rare child who doesn’t strive to mirror his parents actions.  The good actions, the not-so-well thought out actions, everything we do.  Remember that, we’re all always on stage.  Every day, all day.

Papa will have his the photos from the weekend done soon.  We’re taking tonight off from photo editing to see Tony and Aubrey Holt play down in Maumee, Ohio.  Catch their great show if you can.

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