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I received a copy of this message, originally sent by the Michigan Genealogical Council. I am quoting it without comment, you all know my opinion. Please contact the senators listed below, and your own Senators today:

Senator Cameron Brown has introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 18, which if passed by a 2/3 majority in the State Senate and 2/3 majority in the State House would reject Governor Granholm’s Executive Order 2009-36 abolishing the Department of History, Arts, and Libraries. This would also repudiate the proposed Michigan Center for Innovation and Reinvention proposed in this same Executive Order. We need your help, please continue to contact your State Senator, and especially your Representative. This is still an uphill battle and time is running short. The 60-day window from July 13 for the State Legislature to reject this Order is rapidly coming to a close, July 13 + 60 days = September 11.

Please stress in your communication with our Legislators the importance of keeping over 180 years of Michigan history, literature and culture together in one cohesive Library of Michigan collection. If this permitted to be dissipated, it will never be reassembled. Visitors come from all across the country to research at the Library of Michigan. Please STRESS the importance of passing SCR 18. Make your voice heard NOW. Send your 911 letters, emails, or visits to your State Legislators today!

In addition, Senate Bills 503-527 is a twenty-five bill package, which would transfer all responsibilities for the current Department of History, Arts, and Libraries to the Secretary of State, rather than splitting the parts among several state agencies. For a brief analysis of these bills, visit

The following are members of the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee. They are meeting Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. in Lansing. These Senators will make their recommendation to the full Senate on SCR 18 and SB503-527. Please contact these Senators as well.

Senator – E-mail
Sen. Jason Allen, Chair
Sen. Judson S. Gilbert, Vice-Chair

Don’t forget the rally at the Library 10th Sept~
Sen. Tony Stamas
Sen. Hansen Clarke, Minority Vice-Chair
Sen. Tupac A. Hunter

Michigan Genealogical Council

Don’t forget folks who do not live in MI can still help as this is taking away a lot of tourism.

End of quote

Thank you (That’s from me.)

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