Burdick Family Land Records – Liber 3 page 326 , Wexford County, Michigan

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I am posting information gleaned from land records in the areas where our family’s ancestors resided. You can read more about this project in the overview. You may also check my deed record listing, which I will update with each post.

The names of members of George W. Burdick’s family appear quite often in the Wexford County, Michigan deeds. The next listing for George is recorded in Liber 3 on page 326.

Date: 26 May 1876
Liber: 3
Page: 326
Location: Wexford County, MI
Grantor: Warren Seaman & Mary Seaman his wife
Grantee: George W. Burdick
Witnesses: Ezra Harger, Justice of Peace and Amos Swiger
Type of deed: Quit Claim Deed
Rec’d and recording: 26 May 1876 10 p.m.
Clerk/registrar: H.B. Sturtevant, Registrar
Location of land: Wexford County, MI
Consideration: $50
Description: Commencing at the northwest corner of Sec 10 T23N R9W and running east 185 ft., then south 85 ft., then west 185 ft. then north 85 ft to the start.

This land is clearly a rectangle, and it happens to be located in downtown Manton, Michigan. I drew a rectangle outlining the location of the land. The highway running north and south just to the left is old US highway 131, the new divided US 131 bypasses Manton. Note, this is a quit claim deed, in which George is relinquishing his claim to this piece of property. The deed does not tell us what that claim was.

l3p326 burdick

Seaman & Maqueston platted an addition to Manton, sometime after this deed was recorded. The description of the land there is now associated with Lot 1 of that addition, and is: “W 187 FT OF N 220 FT OF LOT 1, BLK. I SEAMAN & MAQUESTON ADDITION CITY OF MANTON”. According to History of Wexford County Michigan, compiled by John Wheeler and published in 1908, Seaman & Maqueston platted the addition to Manton in 1883 in In a closer view you can see the area where the property is located, as it looks today:
liber 3 p 326 close

In atlases of Wexford County published in 1889 and posted on line at the University of Michigan site, Michigan County Histories, the land is still empty, with the area where the lot is situated clearly marked as Lot 1, Block I of Seaman & Maqueston’s addition.

In the relatively current data posted on the Wexford County, Michigan Standard Map site, the property has apparently been consolidated again and looks like this:

liber 3 p326 current

I am not sure if George W. Burdick owned this land, or simply conveyed a certain interest it it to one of the men who eventually platted the addition.

Next: George W. Burdick makes another transaction concerning the same description.

The map views on this page were created from information at the Wexford County, Michigan Standard Maps site.

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