Let the Southern Weathermen Party

A bunch of Kentucky and some of  Tennessee is under a winter weather watch. Our snow is cancelled, so I guess they are getting a little taste of being us.  I wouldn’t have known this but Sista wrote about an owl chick which fell out of it’s nest.  I found the weather stories while looking at the cute photos of the chick.  Well, I take that back, I would have known the weather was going somewhere.  All our warnings were cancelled, and I knew that weather wasn’t going to be cancelled.  It turns out that the weather just moved south.

I had an interesting day with GD2 yesterday.  She is a little high maintenance, but what are grandmas for?  We shopped for groceries, went to lunch with GS2 and S-dad, and hung around the house the rest of the day.  I got a copy of  the new 101 Dalmatians  movie for her, but it turns out that it was probably an older child’s movie.  She watched a little, then it was back to Dora.  It was impossible to get into Costco without buying it, all the TVs had it on them, and there was the usual big “featured item” pile blocking the way.  Our copy had a promotional key ring attached.  Does an almost 4 year old need a key ring? 

The low point of the day was when Papa was watching the news, and the rest of us were cleaning the table and kitchen after dinner.  Little, lonely, GD2 was in the bedroom, howling.  When I checked on her she said, “I need company!”  The words of a third child who is almost never alone anywhere.  I told her I’d keep her company as soon as the dishes were done.  After I went back to the kitchen, she slammed the door, hard, very hard.  I spoke to her about that, and she wasn’t any happier.    Her Mom said GD1 was trying to figure out what to do, too.  I guess they are both used to each other’s company.

D3 has promised to make cookies with GD2 today, so perhaps I will be able to get the dresses sewn.  I hope so.

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