Learn a Little

After exploring new territory, ideas or general “stuff” Papa and I always say, one to another, “You can quit now, you’ve learned something today.” We went a little over the top today, and learned quite a bit.

We visited the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, here on Jekyll Island, Georgia. There are exhibits of local marine life, including sea turtles. We’ve seen the documentaries, but never a real sea turtle. In addition other animals and fish native to this area were on display.

We saw a Nurse Shark, a couple of very small alligators, and a variety snakes and fish. The alligator looked different from the Camons we see at the Detroit Zoo. It was time to feed the big sea turtle while were visited, it was interesting to see him eat his meal. Of course, our cameras were in the van, not our hands.

We didn’t take a walking tour or a kayak tour, but we may the next time we visit. I guess we thought we’d walked and ridden far enough.

We did get some help identifying the birds we’ve been watching on the beach, and a great link to a blog maintained by an artist with an interest in the birds.

If you’re at Jekyll, I recommend you check out the Nature center.

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