It’s Clear and Cold – See the Stars

Tuesday is garbage day at Granny’s.  It used to be Monday, but improvements were made in the route, or something.  I really don’t remember the whole explanation.  Anyway, they start collections at 7, and they mean it.  D1 missed the recycling truck one day by not being up early enough.  All this means that on Tuesday morning, when Papa steps into the shower, I’m out there putting the trash and recycling at the road.  This morning at 5:45 EST, I saw a bunch of stars.  Seeing stars in the city is not easy, but there aren’t as many lights at 5:45 am as at 10:00 pm, so I had a chance.  I grew up under a star-filled sky in northern lower Michigan, and it looks like home to me, whenever or wherever I see a sky like that.  It was pretty cool too.  Please don’t tell the neighbors I just throw on my bathrobe to put out the trash, I know they all get dressed and put on makeup. 

Today is full of stuff to do, and so is tomorrow.  Then Wednesday evening, we’re off to the Smoky Mountains for the Larkins Christmas Show, and a little outlet shopping.

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