It Was a Weekend

Friday was pretty nice, so I painted. I’m working on the bathroom, trying to get a little paint to drag me out of the winter doldrums. The Wings won, life was good.

Saturday came, and Papa and I went to the home improvement big box store. We didn’t find what we wanted, but bought a few small things. Then it snowed. And Snowed. And SNOWED. I do not like snow, so I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t a lot of snow, but we could have made a whale of a snowman, had we had the energy. We did clear the drive, but we didn’t get down to see Summertown Road at the Huron Valley Eagles. Darn. We watched the Wings, and they were horrible. Just horrible.

Sunday came. I started to paint, but my masking tape was missing. I was annoyed, but I did the ceiling, which didn’t require tape, and also another coat on the walls, also not requiring tape. I attended scanfest, a geneabloggers internet gathering. Had a nice time, chatted with a bunch of creative people, ate M&Ms (Thanks Randy), and got 134 photos scanned. I’ll have to edit and name them before sharing them on my genealogy blog. I have several to e-mail to my brothers, also.

So, it was a weekend. This week is filling up fast, here I go with a paint brush and roller, right toward the bathroom.


    • Monica on February 23, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Did you make it to the Eagles Saturday? Michael planned to, but really wasn’t up to it. Charlie was there and was disappointed with the sound, but said Bo did a great job as usual.

    • on February 23, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    No, we didn’t. The darn snow had Bill gun shy. It’s the other guys, you know how all the idiots around here drive. Hope Mike will feel better soon. The guys will be at the Kentuckians soon, plan on it! If you want to see some videos of Bo at SPBGMA there are some at: . Get ’em quick, not sure how long they’ll be posted.

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