It Happened Here

I was working on a project yesterday, when D3 came running down and told me about this.  The shooting part had already occurred and police were trying to secure the building and find the shooter.  I assured her that anyone running from the law would not be driving into our sub, a couple of miles away.

Apparently, the whole mess was widely broadcast, leading to a phone call from GS2, at his Dad’s up north,  to his mother who was a work.  She called me.  Papa e-mailed me.  I received more information on the topic than I really needed.

So, here goes:  This guy apparently had mental problems, his wife had moved out, and he had lost his job.  One report said  he had applied for a concealed weapons permit and been denyed.  The incident does not relate to the safety of my neighborhood, my community, or even the entire Detroit metro region.  

It does tell us something about the times in which we live. 

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