In the Zoo

D2 arrived on Tuesday night, just in time to save my sanity. Little GD2 was happy to see her, and so was I. She got things together Wednesday morning, while I drove the older two to the Safari camp at the zoo.

When I got back, everything was ready, and we left for a day at the zoo. D2 and I spent the balance of the morning in the zoo with GD2, but she really wasn’t having a great time. We saw some animals, pickied up D1 from camp, and then had a nice lunch. D2 took GD2 and headed for home, leaving me and GD2 to ourselves.

She showed me paths through the zoo I hadn’t been on before, places she traveled in camp. She had a wonderful time being sure we passed all the great food she needed, like the ice cream stand.

When we were worn out from the playground, we found a shade tree near the member’s exit. We had an hour to wait before collecting GS3. I was worn out, so I laid down with my head on my backpack. GD1 bought a frozen lemonade and sat next to me. This is the funny part — 4 different employees of the zoo, one on a bike and 3 on medical golf carts, stopped to be sure I was OK. I couldn’t have taken a nap if I wanted to, “Are you OK?” “I always ask in the hot weather.” And so on, and on and on and on.

I know my hair has turned pretty gray, but I didn’t know I looked that bad.

No naps at the zoo.

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