If You YELL — will it –?

A couple of nights ago, a typical commercial was bellowing from the TV, to an empty room.  Papa was editing photos, I was doing some computer thing, and D1 was sitting on the sofa, reading a book.  The din was remarkable, so Papa stood up to turn the TV either down or off, and stopped in the doorway, at D1’s shoulder.  He shouted, “It works better if you YELL!”  D1 had to be peeled from the celling.  I rolled off my chair,. laughing.

 This simple little laugh has carried us through a couple of days.   If something doesn’t go exactly right, someone raises their voice, saying, “Will if work better if I shout?!!”

Now, this may seem simple to you, but sometimes the simple things save us from the complicated world, and this is saving me right now.

Oh, yes, and Papa’s pictures from the Ray Goins Family benefit are here.

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