If you think you’ve got problems….

I’ve been here at D2’s home for a week.  I haven’t been away from home for a whole week since I stopped working, unless Papa and I went somewhere together.  Papa did come over here to visit me this weekend, and have some fun with the grandkids, and generally help out.  Good thing, it’s easy for me to feel sorry for myself.

But, we are blessed since GD1 is home.  Even with her weak smile and sometimes uncooperative attitude, she’s herself, and she is getting well!

So, I was catching up on reading while planning my next move to get her to drink something (she needs more liquids that she wants to drink).  I read this.  I don’t read this lady’s blog a lot, but Sista does.  If you were feeling down in the dumps, read that, and cheer up.

Then, go do something for someone.

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