I think I’ll YELL

I left this morning in a pretty good mood to take GS2 to football.  Everything was fine for 500 feet, then someone driving a tank-like vehicle passed me.  He used the left turn lane to do so.  I was going 40, the speed limit.  I did not do the what the tank drivers around here do,  speed up to 70, or whatever takes to get the within an inch of the rear bumper of the car in front of them.  My guess is that the guy was frustrated.  The only piece of missing information — is it his wife, his job, his kids, or what ever else that causes him to have to show what a man he is and be a pushy SOB on the road?

Don’t take me seriously, I think they guy needs a shrink.  I always want to transport those pushy drivers to Tennessee or somewhere like that where most people drive the speed limit, leave space between cars, and are otherwise polite.  I think they would die of frustration, and end mine!

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