So, Papa and I spent most of the past few days in the yard and garden. It took a lot of catching up from our trip.

He mowed, I hoed. I pulled weeks, he tilled. We’re almost caught up. Did I tell you I canned some green beans? I also cut a bunch of rhubarb for a pie, and some lettuce for our dinner.

After pulling a ton of weeds, and watering and fertilizing my flowers, I was looking at my hollyhocks. Take a look for yourself:


This is the year that I have a lot of colors, at least as far as Hollyhocks are concerned. There is everything from white to dark pink, almost red. Then, I noticed something, do you see it?


How in the world did this happen? Have you ever, ever seen a yellow Hollyhock? It’s a first for me, and we’ve had them in this spot for 17 years!

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