I was checking Facebook this morning to see what I missed while I was away this weekend, and I clicked on an advertisement.  I’m not much of an ad clicker, but it was something about a garden tool.  I’m all for gardening this time of year.

I actually think this is the best laugh I’ve had lately.  It looks like this thing will keep my clothes clean, make me thin and pretty, give me a nice greenhouse, and do most of the dirty work around here for me.  When an ad like this comes on TV, someone around here will say, “But wait, there’s more!”  It’s our little family salute to the ridiculous.  And this is ridiculous.

I kind of like getting my hands in the dirt, I thought that was the point.  I have gloves, old clothes, old shoes, a hat and some other stuff just waiting for for good weather.

Today, it’s back to painting.  I have a couple of doors and the small upstairs hall to paint.  I want to do the drawer fronts up there, too.  We’ll see how far I get.

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