Hotel for Less?

Papa and I recently worked out a schedule of bluegrass festivals and events that we will attend this year. We mapped out his holidays, compared his vacations days to our usual tour of festivals, and tried to figure out what was best.

We decided to attend the IBMA Fan Fest again this year. Last year we stayed at one of the recommended hotels, and dropped quite a bundle for accommodations, parking and so on. I didn’t have internet access, because it was $10 extra a day, and I wouldn’t have used enough to justify it.

This year, I mapped out downtown Nashville, and looked for a hotel about a month ago. I managed to get one for an average of $30 less a night, within walking distance of downtown and the convention center. This is not a no-tell motel, but a national brand we stay in often.

I recognize that the same occupancy taxes will be assessed, but there won’t be a parking charge, and the other hotel was $20 a night for parking. So, I’m $50 a night ahead, $150 total. I’m pretty sure that that will pay for the gas required for our little car to take us to Nashville

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