Hot Day – Again, but not so humid!

Another hot day here in the Saginaw Valley.  I’m back at McDonalds, not sure why, but it does get me a little quiet time.  The kids wore me out today.  Too bad I’m not 20 years younger.  Funny thing, some people my age actually have children the ages of my grandchildren.  I’m not exactly sure how they do it.  But then, perhaps I’m soft.

We had a fun day at the playground.  They found the sand pile, and we actually went home and got sand toys to use in it.  That is, be brought them back after our 3 hour lunch.  That’s not 3-martini, it’s a burger, some chicken pieces, and some chocolate milk.  Then 2.5 hours in the “play place”.  This is a shiny new Md’s, ant the playplace is also shiny new.  They’re better than they used to be.

I raised my children without one of these, but then, we were at home, with our own games and activities.  These children are transplanted to another town, staying for a time at someone else’s house, and (except for a few favorites) their toys didn’t make the trip.

That makes the play place, and a playground, and a sand pile precious things, even for fair-skinned, sunscreen coated, sweaty, red-faced little kids.

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