Honoring My Mother

Mother left us for a better place on June 6, 2007. I was fine for a while, and the not fine, and then fine. I rode the roller coaster of life and found joy in daily routine, family and friends, my garden and my genealogical research. A year ago today we buried her ashes at the Great Lakes National Cemetery.

In cases where a graveside service is included after a funeral, the death, services and some closure follow each other closely. In this case, more than a year after her death, I had no desire to add another “sad about Mom day” to my calendar. So when S-Dad decided it was time to bury her, I suggested her birthday. It is fitting, Mother loved birthdays and all the fuss that she supposed needed to be included.

I made my first trip up to the cemetery in the spring, and took photos as I have with all the graves I visit. I was later suspired to find a memorial for her on Find-a-Grave, and asked that it be transferred to me.

Today, Papa and I will place a memento on her grave, and pause to remember all Mom was, and did for us.

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