Home on The Range

On December 30th, a Sunday, D3 mixed up some cinnamon rolls.  All went according to plan until the oven failed to light when she turned the knob.  I don’t know exactly when we bought that stove, but it has been more than a few years ago.  I believe it came from “worst buy”, my least favorite store, but that’s another story.  Papa and I bought the  stove based mostly on price, and we got what we paid for.  I’ve been lighting the burners with a camp-stove lighter for at least two years.  I had to clean the **** thing by hand, since if wasn’t self-cleaning, or even continuous cleaning. 

I didn’t want self cleaning because the stove before our old stove caused a self cleaning nightmare.  I had locked the door, set the cycle and went of to sit on a cushion and eat chocolates.  Well, I was probably cleaning or washing, but most of the TV homemakers sit on cushions and eat chocolates and I’d love to do the same.  The stove before the stove heated up and just kept heating.  The entire house filled with smoke before I could open windows, pull it out, and unplug it.  We sent it to appliance heaven still locked up, and I hope no one plugged it in again.

Armed with the knowledge that we need a new range today, not tomorrow, that I wasn’t buying at at my least favorite store, and that it was Sunday and stores close early, we took off in the minivan.  We drove 35 some miles to a regional appliance outlet store where we have had much luck in the past.  They had rows and rows of of washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, and fridges.  They had a couple of rows of overpriced gas ranges.  I had a coupon that had printed out at a store related to the appliance outlet in my purse, $50 off your next purchase of an major appliance.  I looked at Papa, and at a man looking a modestly priced dishwashers nearby.  I walked up to him and asked if he thought he would be buying something today, and he said he thought so.  I gave him the coupon, for which he thanked us, and Papa and I left in a  hurry. 

We drove quickly to a home improvement store near our home.  We looked for about 2 minutes at what was available.  We settled on a cute, sleek, self-cleaning model with 5 burners on the top.  We paid, we loaded, and we drove home.  D3’s boyfriend was visiting, so all four of us shoved the old range out the front door, and carried the new one in.  Papa hooked up the gas, plugged it in, and be pushed it back into place. 

Now for the crazy part–then we went out to dinner.

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