Home Again

Papa and I arrived home a couple of days ago, after a tour that included 3 bluegrass festivals, 2 quick stops at home, 3 grandchildren, a couple of rainstorms, and a bunch of fun.

First, the bluegrass, the reason for the tour. We attended the Hart Brothers Festival near Guysville, Ohio. Had a great time, saw some good groups. Pete Hart tells me it was their last show, for a variety of reasons. Second, the Charlotte Michigan bluegrass festival. A good show, some nice people, some rain. But, it always rains at Charlotte. More on this later, too. Third, the Leslie Michigan bluegrass Festival. Fun, grandchildren, good Michigan pickers, and more rain.

I’ll give my impressions of these shows tomorrow. For the rest of today, I’ll be posting photos of the events on Papa’s site, and trying to catch up around here.

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