Home Again Home Again Jiggety-Jig

Today, we returned GD2 to her family.  Everyone seems to have missed her, although they all remarked how quite and peaceful it had been without her.  That was a moment when I remembered her need for “company”.  I also let everyone know that she was pretty quite during the visit.  That was probably because she didn’t have to compete for attention.

A went off and left the  move about the “mations” on my desk.  I’ll mail it when I get home.

We are staying here tonight, and then heading to Indiana tomorrow.  Papa makes a couple of stops for work, and I’m headed to the Mennonite Historical Library to see if I can find some ancestors there.  I won’t have a ton of time, but I’ve never visited that library previously, so I’ll get the lay of the land, at least.

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