Hillside Cemetery, Grant Township, Newaygo County, Michigan

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This cemetery is East of Grant, MI. Take 128th east from US 31 about 2 miles. The cemetery is on the south (right) side of 128th.

The Fellows family graves are listed in order they are placed, from north to south.

Two babies. One is probably Claud Fellows, son of Belle and Henry, 1890-1890. The other is probably Erastus Fellows, born and died 20 December 1886. The cemetery transcription isn’t clear.
fellows babies hillside grant

Peter Fellows, 1886-1891, was another child of Belle Lamunion and Henry Fellows who didn’t live long.
peter fellows 5

Charles E. Tinker, second husband of Belle Lamunion

Belle Lamunion Fellows Tinker

Henry Fellows, older stone, two views.
henry fellows old stone henry fellows old stone

Henry Fellows, newer stone apparently placed with that of Belle and Charlie Tinker.
henry fellows new stone

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