Hi from Nashville!

We’re here in Music City for the IBMA FanFest.  We attended the awards show last night, it was a warm fuzzy evening.  Dale Ann Bradley got a hugh standing ovation upon being named the Female Vocalist, and Bradley Walker’s almost equaled it when he was named Male Vocalist.

For me, the most sobering moment was a remembrance, when names of recently deceased bluegrass icons was rolled on the big screen.  Grady Adkins, an Ohio promoter, leaves a legacy which includes a large family of players, promoters and wonderful people.     Ray Goins, who touched me so much the summer of 2006, when he was able to appear with Melvin on some of his shows.  Many others, who probably touched others more than they touched me.  Names instrumental in the advancement, playing, and promoting of bluegrass.  A nice moment.

Sam Bush was a great host, and did a great song with his band.  I enjoyed that as much as anything at the show.

And on we go.  We’ll be at FanFest today, and downtown, and all kinds of other running around.  Looking forward to seeing many acts that we might not otherwise have a chance to see.  

 Oh, yes, I found a lovely pink shirt with a banjo on it, size 4.  A very important acquisition.

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